The fresh new show’s creators was in fact in reality considering and make him gay at the beginning of the show however, ultimately did not

New founders had Chandler revealed that he or she is, in reality, upright from inside the “The one Where Nana Becomes deceased Double” when an associate out-of his at work would like to plan a beneficial date that have some other kid, thought he or she is gay. The guy informs his family members about it, after that realizes that however they – at one-point – believe he was homosexual.

Another instance and therefore insinuates Chandler’s homosexuality happens when Ross exposes Chandler’s kiss having men so you can Monica

Shortly after Chandler plays a great prank towards the Ross because of the upload on the college website one Ross has gender with dinosaurs, Ross produces a page for Chandler. With the web page, Ross claims one to Chandler is actually, “because homosexual due to the fact time are long,” while having supplies electronically modified photo off Chandler kissing with a cop. Certain alumni congratulate Chandler toward discussing this particular fact. Since a great retort, Chandler posts for the Ross’ webpage he provides passed away.

Ross says, “Today, Chandler is not necessarily the kind of man exactly who goes in a bar and you may can make out which have women,” causing Monica to cry, Chandler responses, “In my own shelter, it actually was very dark and then he are a highly quite guy!”

Much of Chandler’s sexual ambiguity comes from their youth, because would other personality traits such as for example puffing and you will relying on jokes. On Thanksgiving when Chandler was 9, his dad announced that he are a homosexual and that he try delivering a divorce or separation from his girlfriend while the he would, “instead sleep on the houseboy than [her].” The latest houseboy said, “Much more chicken, Mr. Chandler?” in a really female voice after which announcement. Therefore, Chandler dislikes Thanksgiving and you may won’t consume any traditional Thanksgiving dining.

Chandler’s father moved to Las Vegas, where he opened up an all-male burlesque called Viva Las Gay-gas. The burlesque features such musical numbers as It is Raining Guys, where he works as a cross-dresser named Helena Handbasket. Chandler tells Monica that when he was growing up, he played the dancer on the far left.

After that recreation emerges whenever Chandler listens in order to a personal-help hypnotherapy tape built to prevent him of smoking. The fresh new tape is made for female, and you may Chandler happens in idea of being a great “good, effective, pretty sure girl.” It manifests by itself from inside the Chandler applying Chap Adhere particularly a lady applying lipstick and you will blotting that have a structure and you will emerging on shower that have a bath towel up to his chest and an effective turban towards the their lead. He including says to Rachel you to this woman is putting on a great “astonishing top.” Joey overhears the new recording and you may tampers inside, recording a contact within it recommending you to Chandler need to make your, “a parmesan cheese sandwich each day,” and buy him, “a lot of money worth of shorts.”


If series starts, Chandler works once the a document Chip. This really is employment which he very carefully loathes, and you may tries to prevent at the beginning of 12 months step one (“The one On the Stoned Child”). His boss now offers an advertising and more and much more currency to attract your straight back. According to nameplate to your their home (found in “Usually the one With the Ick Foundation”) he’s got end up being Processing Manager. Although never ever explicitly stated, external changeover images show that Chandler’s office is in the Solow Building.

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